Board of Trustees

Martin Kroon - Presiding member

Kia Ora,

I’m honored to serve as presiding member of Te Uku school working alongside our board of trustees, principal, and valued staff in helping develop a healthy learning culture which encompasses Te Uku school’s five R’s. I currently have 3 children attending Te Uku school in years 3, 6 and 7 who are 5th generation Te Uku school students. I myself am a registered teacher and have enjoyed working with a wide variety of ages in the Waikato region for the past 15 years. I have an MA and a GradDipT and currently work as an itinerant music teacher in five different secondary schools in the region. I also have considerable experience working in a variety of community groups. I have a good understanding of many aspects of school systems and am passionate about education and seeing communities work together to see young people grow and flourish. 

Paula Malins

Te Uku School Principal

Kia Ora

I currently live in Hamilton with my husband Stephen. We will be moving to Raglan at some stage 2023. 3 of our children live in Hamilton and 1 lives in Christchurch. We have 7 grandchildren. I am passionate about spending time with my family, gardening, being outside and reading. 
I joined Te Uku School at the beginning of 2022. I am really enjoying getting to know the students. whånau and community.
Being part of Te Uku school allows me to enjoy my passions, and to be fulfilled in a job that I love. We have a lovely team at Te Uku School who are all passionate about giving our students a large variety of experiences, where they can explore their own and new interests, to grow as people, and as learners.
Ngå mihi

Abbie Neems

Parent Representative re-elected to the Board in 2022

Kia Ora,

I have lived in Te Uku for the past 9 years where my husband Glenn and I own and operate a
dry stock farm. I have two children and in my spare time I enjoy sport, music, reading, pets
and spending time with friends and family. I would describe myself as a curious person with
a love for learning about new topics and interests and I am always eager to share my latest
learning with friends and family, much to their dismay. Te Uku School plays quite a large
role in our lives. I have enjoyed participating in school fundraising over the years, coaching
our Te Uku School netball team and helping on various school trips and I have spent the last
12 months as a parent representative on the school board. Being part of a small school
means being prepared to step up and take on all sorts of new challenges and while this has
pushed me out of my comfort zone on many occasions, I have also felt a great deal of
satisfaction when contributing to our school. Not only is it very rewarding to witness the
learning and growing that goes on at Te Uku, but I also feel it’s important to the success of
our school that our teachers and students feel supported by their wider community. As a
Parent Representative on the newly elected Board of Trustees for 2022 I look forward to
working alongside the other board members to ensure that every child at Te Uku School
feels included and can reach their achievement goals.

Nga mihi
Abbie Neems

Andrea Horton

Parent Representative elected to the board 2022

My husband and I are originally from New Zealand and had moved overseas for work opportunities in aviation. We returned to New Zealand with our two children, moving to Whāingaroa in 2016. Since then, I have supported the Te Uku school community through sport, fundraising and last year as a parent representative on the board of trustees. 


Although we are a smaller country school, this gives us great opportunity to be flexible as educators- adapting to our students needs while offering the greatest amount of opportunities. I look forward to supporting the staff and consequently helping to generate high morale for our students. I believe these actions allow students to achieve success; both emotionally and in education.

Semonne Hogg - Staff Rep

Staff representative elected to the Board in 2022

Tena koutou katoa,

My name is Semonne Hogg, I have been in education since 1993. I have a Bachelor of Education along with a  Bachelor of Early Childhood. My early years of education began with Montessori in England. This has given me a strong background in understanding the uniqueness of children. 

I have lived in the rural Waikato since 2010 with my husband and three children and I have been teaching the Te Uku tamariki since 2019. This year I am very blessed and privileged to be appointed the position of Tumuaki Tuarua, supporting our Tumuaki in leading our kura.

Our school motto is ‘whakawhanake it te ngakau i te hinengaro kotahitantanga’ which means ‘Expanding Hearts and Minds’. I think this motto embodies what we want for our tamariki and that is for them to be expanding on their knowledge, mind growth, becoming confident and being connected to all they do in both heart and mind, being actively involved as they make their own journeys in life.

I love spending time with my family, I adore my children and love the great outdoors of Aotearoa.

I am passionate about the critical role of education, I believe strongly in the philosophy of understanding every child as an individual, and providing opportunities and experiences at Te Uku School that will allow each child to develop the love of learning, confidence and resilience to maximise their potential and make the most of an ever evolving world.

As a parent, teacher and deputy principal of Te Uku School, I wish for tamariki to be strong, confident learners, who are willing to take risks and laugh at themselves. Most importantly I want my tamariki to know that they are important, they are valued and they are loved.

Nga mihinui kōutou kātoa,

Semonne Hogg

Katie Richardson

Elected to the Board 2022

Kia Ora,

Originally from Ireland, I have called Raglan home for the last 10 years. I am a mum of three and my eldest is currently attending Te Uku, with my daughter due to start in 2023. Professionally, I have a strong science background as a physiotherapist and nutritionist. 
I am motivated to be a part of the school board to contribute towards the wellbeing of our tamariki at Te Uku. I am focused on developing a strong community around the school and want to work to support the varying and unique needs of the students both academically and socially. 

Jay Crowhurst

Elected to the Board 2022

Kia Ora
I grew up in Te Uku on the family dairy farm and have always considered it home. Having travelled out of the area for further education and employment opportunities it has been great to return to Te Uku to help run the family farm.
Te Uku School is a large part of our family life. The oldest of my three children is currently attending Te Uku School and the younger two will also be attending in the coming years. My wife's position as teacher in the Junior Discovery has allowed her to continue her love of education and teaching that she developed in Australia. 
Working with the community and teachers to provide a good foundation to educate and support the students of Te Uku School is an exciting opportunity that the Board of Trustees allows me to have. Working with the Principal to focus on what is best for student learning and achievement is my focus during my tenure on the board.