Home - School Partnership

Student learning progress is achieved by the school and home working in partnership.  At home you can support your child’s learning by spending time with them to play games together, talking about current events, doing family chores, watching documentaries, and reading for example.

Home Learning Programme:

A newsletter will be sent via HERO each term to outline the terms learning. There may be some tasks set by the teacher for students – these are optional.

Friends of Te Uku Fundraising Group

We welcome and value parent/caregiver involvement in our school. You may wish to be involved by providing help in your child/ren’s classroom, assisting with transport on trips or by joining the Fundraising Committee or working bees. When visiting the school, please report to the Office.

Parent support in classrooms is negotiated with teachers and parents and based on learning needs. You are welcome to contact the classroom teacher or principal if you are interested in providing support.